Paper Pony Co. is a line of illustrated goods by Talia E. Gavish. We are located in Oakland, California. Like the temperament of an actual pony, we describe our style as adorably moody: cute to look at but packed with attitude! Sustainability, transparency, and mindful customer service are important values that drive our brand. A playful kinship with nature, animals, and humanity inspire it.


Our paper products are printed on FSC certified, recycled paper. We are committed to resourcing local manufacturers who uphold our standards of quality and ethics. If a product cannot be manufactured locally, we do our homework and only partner with companies who are safe, ethical, and ecological. While the cost may be a bit more, we think it's totally worth it. 


Most of our products are handmade and hand printed. We take pride in our craftsmanship and in choosing our materials. We were honored and excited to be chosen as one of 36 brands to attend Etsy Open Call 2016, where we had an opportunity to pitch our line to major retailers. We have so many plans for Paper Pony's future but for now we are galloping as fast as our little legs can carry us! Your support is beyond appreciated!!


Paper Pony was founded after relocating from Brooklyn to the Bay Area. Before this, I was a full-time textile and print designer in the fashion industry. I live with my boyfriend Mike, our two silly cats, Moses and Meeka, and a bunch of partially ignored house plants. Every birthday I wish for a pony. I once got a bike instead, which was also pretty awesome. I've been riding horses since I was tall enough to reach the stirrups (rolled several times.) Horses are my therapy, my heart, and my happy place. One of the best parts of my business is the connection I have with my customers and the creative community at large. It's been quite a wild ride so far!

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